• SHREE NEELKANTH ENTERPRISE spin finish formulations meet the demanding requirements for antistatic behavior, fiber to fiber cohesion, and fiber to metal and fiber to ceramic lubrication. Formulations are available for the finish to be applied as neat oil or as an emulsion.

  • SHREE NEELKANTH ENTERPRISE manufactures spin finish for use on Nylon 6 Continuous Filament (PA6 CF), Nylon 6,6 Continuous Filament (PA6,6 CF), Polyester Continuous Filament (PET CF), Polypropylene Continuous Filament (PP CF). Applications range from low dpf textile yarns to high tenacity technical yarns used in tire cord. Our finishes provide for efficient processing through the extrusion process as well as through the downstream processes.

M/14, Sangeetsarita Complex, Nr. Amidhara Wadi Road, New Rader Adajan, Surat-395009. Gujarat. India. shree.neelkanth@yahoo.co.in