Rubber Gaskets

  • O-rings

  • Large Diameter O-rings

  • "Controlled Strain" ™ Gaskets - Our patented gasket design enables both high and low pressure sealing on surface pockets of any size and dimension. Our design allows you to establish a low compression set seal in small surface areas.

  • Rubber-to-Metal Seals - We can design, manufacture and deliver typical composite gaskets of silicone (or other appropriate materials) bonded to steel using our Ford Q-1 certified processes.

  • V-rings, U-cups, and D-rings - Standard and non- standard dimensions, any parting line restrictions, manufactured to your specification.

  • Washers & Grommets - We specialize in materials for high temperature, high mechanical load, and high pH applications such as coolant and engine oil seals. Our precision molded washers deliver the lowest compression set available for a rubber seal.

  • Metal Bonded Valve Seats - Any elastomer, any metal, any geometry.

  • Packer Elements - Large volume parts in any elastomer with any profile. We run 24 x 7 for delivery times measured in hours.

  • Slugs / Billets - We mold the highest quality slugs for your lathe cut prototypes and seals. Our slugs are guaranteed to be free of voids. Many sizes are available.

  • Pipe Wiper Darts - The highest quality HSN, HNBR, NBR rubber darts for pipe wipers.

  • Custom Molded Seals - We are able to manufacture any seal design to customer specification.

  • All type rubber pakingig,electrical mate, road guard,(cable protrect),as per coustmer requerment dwg,

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